Elo hell and problems with pairings

Disclaimer: Dont take my words as rude. After my experience last month this is the most sweet and merciful description of agony I am facing multiple times every day. I am in elo hell, as b5 is being called (all bronze are). Was b1, but got relegated in 30 games. Tell you why. I play better than my silver friends, but got stuck there. I wouldnt mind, if this is my fault, but in 90% of games it just isnt. Few examples: 1) I am mid. All game long I am against 2-3. Bot lane dont come help, dont even ping two champs are heading my way. I am 10/5 in this difficult situation. Rest of team 1/9. Situation gradually get bad as I face full builds fed enemies while on two completed items and I finish 10/25. My teamfeeders refuse to resign so I can either go afk and be reported or suffer another 20 minutes while enemy team enjoys the situation and dont hurry with finishing us off. 2) Adc says supp is bad so he is going to troll. Supp goes on mid, adc goes farm jg. We loose fast. Not mentioning huge flame. 3) Supp and adc goes afk after flaming each other. Top, mid and jg - we are winning 3 against 5, so adc gets angry and goes for intentional feeding. 4) We are loosing, but manage to turn the game over. As we ace enemy and have winning push, client disconnects 3 of our team. When we restart client and reconnect, the game is completely lost (happened this evening). This was strange by itself. This was the only time enemy could loose. Our players were disconnected, but non of the enemy team. Strange, huh? 5) My **diamond** friend decides to help me from elo hell and carry with me. After 3 lost games where he was like 24/4 he is completely disgusted and refuses to play with me again telling he himself couldnt get out of this elo hell because **we cant kill as fast as feeders are dying**. 6) After having 30 games in a row looking like what I just described up there - I say to myself: time to get better team because this pairing misery must end once. There must be some alghoritm for pairing teams according to some ratios and values..Result: next game I get all teammates b5, one b4 - opposite to enemy team silvers and gold. Please tell me, how much must I pay to Riot to punish feeders and trolls and improve pairings _**to make some sense?**_
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