My friend is trying to get his account back

My friends account is bound to an email that he no longer has acces to. Its age old and he hasnt had any use for it in a long while. He recently took a break from gaming for a few months because he was starting a new school and when he had time to play again and tried logging into his account it was banned permanently. He has no idea why(it might have been hacked?). He is definately not a toxic player, he never writes in the chat ingame so it cant be that. Anyway he has made a request @ "" on the 12th of october and still hasnt recieved anything from RIot. He REALLY wants to get his account back and is kinda stuck not knowing what he can do to make it possible. He is able to provide payment card info aswell as personal ID, plus a lot of info on what the account has and so forth. The only thing he doesnt have is acces to his old mail adress. I really hope there is something you guys can do to help us as starting a new account, having to level to 30 again and so forth is just not an option at this point Thanks in advance
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