PC freezes entirely for 10 min when i login to LoL

Hi there, so when i login to lol my laptop freezes entirely. At first i thought it was endless but it's actually around 10 min freezes I formatted this laptop not too long ago and got it to vanilla Windows 8 so i thought this would be the problem, i upgraded yesterday to Windows 8.1 and it didn't fixed it. Of course while re installing my computer i updated all needed drivers and did a whole lot of WIndows update as well. Is there any given fix ? I don't have any error popping up, i tried running LoL in administrator but it didn't do anything. I noticed that my computer used to freeze when i try to start too much applications at the same time when it just booted so i thought i'd let him rest a bit before starting LoL or any other apps but it didn't do anything, it acted normally until I login and boom freeze again. Note that this used to happen but only the client would freeze for 10 sec not the whole computer My laptop specs : MSi GE60 Intel Core i5 3210M Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M 4GB ram thanks for reading
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