Massive ping spikes and disconnect

Hey guys, So I played a few games today, tryharding for my final solo Q placements (currently 6/1). I played 3 games, lost one, but that's okay, normal latency (~50 ping). Onto the fourth one, ping is around 220 upon logging in. I think it's a ping spike, happens from time to time, so I wait it out. My ping doesn't go lower than 120, but does reach 1.900ms, my character follows a command prompt from 5 seconds ago, and doesn't respond to my current one. I get disonnected, on and off for the whole game, sometimes i can come back for five minutes and everything is fine, until there's a teamfight. When another character than mine comes on screen there seems to be a sharp spike, even disconnection. In the end of the game I just got disconnected and could not get back in. As I said this happened in a 20 minutes window, everything was fine for three games, get into game four and nothing works. After that I go watch some videos, my internet is fine. Play again, and same issue, I'm disconnected before my newly bought Camille even spawns. And the game turns into a 30 minute game during which i can do absolutely nothing, just stare at my ping, doing a wave between 400 and 2000... I wouldn't be posting this here if I didn't think it was an issue from league, however I was on Curse at the time, and Curse worked fine, until the game loaded. League seemed to make my whole internet connection break. Also, just so that I don't seem like I'm being salty about lag because it made me lose a placement game, it didn't, we somehow won it (I did go 11/3/4 despite disconnecting). So if it isn't a League problem, I would appreciate it if someone knows how to change settings or something to prevent this from happening. I hadn't had any lag on league for the last year, and all of a sudden this ruins my day. Thank you for reading, GL HF EDIT : Probably sould've done this from the get go : Issue started 12/12/16, approximately 6PM GMT Currently still experiencing the issue, and it happens systematically I use Free as an internet provider, and I live in France.

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