So did you decided to cuck windows 7 users?

Seems like you guys added a "Critical Error" and force closing the client for Windows 7 users, i wonder why is that? Do you want us to upgrade to Windows 10 so you can steal more of our personal data, the things we like, etc.. so you can make more skins based on our real life inclinations? Ye, i know Windows 7 will be terminated soon. Also that Duo Core is not "compatible" anymore. But it's not because it's not actually compatible, it's because you made it that way. Don't blame our PC for an error you intentionally provoked, because we were just fine few patches ago. Edit: Okay. 1. I've done a fresh Windows 7 2. I did a fresh League of Legend installation 3. I didn't install any program at all except Kaspersky Internet Security, Discord and Lightshot 4. The Critical Error happens mostly after the cast of some champions skills. (in my case) Even if i close all those programs i still get a random DC, Freez or Critical Error crash now and then, all happend after some of your patches, so it's not our fault.
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