@RIOTERS My mmr is killing me from the inside out, save me

Well Met Rioters! I'm an avid fan of your game, I've been playing it on&off for quite a while now and recently got hooked again. I used to be able to reach high diamond with some ease but this season I had to essentially relearn how to play the game and the climb has been progressing slowly but surely. Since I hit D5 though, I haven't been able to gain the momentum I desire. I had a heavy win deficit over many games once I hit diamond that my MMR decayed so hard it feels impossible to regain (I'm prob averaging around 15~ LP per win, 20~ loss). I've managed to up my win rate as of late making myself more&more relevant with each game but the MMR system isn't soft on decayed accounts making the climb insanely disheartening, it fosters a need to duo if your objective is to climb which defeats the purpose of "**SOLO** queue". Whilst I know the game is ultimately "team-oriented" that doesn't mean SOLO players should be punished for playing alone. You have all the power to create an ELO system which benefits everybody. You have accrued a pile of stats over the years; hire someone to interpret it, they can work with a mathematician to improve your current equation. You have all the tools in your arsenal to make League a revolutionary game in the world of sports. Do you have the will? I didn't mean to write this last paragraph, I just really believe in what you all are doing and It would be a shame to see it go to waste through mistakes like this. On a side note, I love how you all are balancing the game although I would avoid cutting vision from the game in future patches with an upcoming international event to benefit the western "fiesta" style, that hardly seems fair especially when you're putting the venue in ASIA, I mean c'mon... I've rambled on for long enough! Keep up the great work, it has kept me hooked so far and I expect nothing less in the future. Great regards, Duarte** Lovecoil** Fernandes.
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