New champion - Aya - the keeper of the forest light

Today in the head I got the idea about a new champion, which I would like to see in the game. I also ask the developers themselves define mana going to use the skill, the amount of damage, range of viewing passive ability (see. below), etc. (To balance) if you decide to add this title in the game. **_Aya - the keeper of the forest light_** **Passive "light bringer"** Range of view of Aya and her fireflies increasing every level **_ **1st Ability - forest Call** Active: Aya sends a firefly in a specified area on the map, which starts moving from her, and ends at the arrival point at the same time revealing everything in its path, firefly remains in this place for 20 seconds (the time is increasing every level of skill),firefly can not be chosen as target by anyone other than Aya. Cooldown: 30 seconds (can be stored up to 1 charges, charges increases every level) Range: 50 000 (Global) Passive: Around Aya begin to spin free fireflies, in the form of charges of this skill, that are consumed during use, increasing the radius of fireflies Aya review and may be used by any skill (second and third) **_ **2nd Ability - Self sacrifice** Aya tells firefly explode at the same time it deals damage to enemies in radius The ability can be used on fireflies. The ability can be used at the champion, while Aya sacrifices a part of health, to apply 135% of sacrified health on enemy in the form of damage. (Can kill a character) blast radius: 650 (when using on Aya - 850) Recharge: 1s When using fireflies, 10s when yousing on Aya **_ **3rd Ability - The presence of forests** Passive: Aya and its fireflies emit an aura of the forest, which speeds up the healing process, strengthen the shields, and increases the speed of movement in it's radius.Multiple auras stack Range: 650-1560 **_ **Ultimate - The sacred tree** Aya appeals to the spirits of nature and the forces, growing a huge tree in the specified location process takes some time, while Aya can not move. When the process is completed - the tree begins to randomly attach to the Allies fireflies in a radius of 4500 (re - 8 seconds), if the champion out of range ability firefly returns to Aya as a charge of the first ability, the tree protects allies, so when a health of any ally champion falls below 30%, it treats the affected ally for 350 hp (treatment increases with the presence of fireflies) (recharge - 15 sec.). Mighty oak really does not want any of the Allied dead, so every 8 seconds, he hangs up the shield on all allies in range (power of a shield depends on the number of fireflies (base - 150 One unit) **tree Indicators:** Health: 3000 \ 3500 \ 4000 Def. Armor: 100 Magic immunity, Size - twice the tower Impassable area at the foot of oak 850 units. Build Time 10 \ 9 \ 8 seconds. Within a radius of 4500 from oak present visual-effect illumination and brightness (to be seen in which the radius of action-effect of treatment and overlapping panels With the destruction of oak player who inflicted the final blow gets 350 gold There is, until it is destroyed **Features of the ability:** Aya oak grows directly on your location (distance - 1) The visual-effect in range gradually appear in growing and visible enemies When Aya was killed during construction - cooldown reduced to 3 times When champion stunning tree continues vyrostayut Cooldown: 360 seconds. Note: The map may only contain 5 oaks, thus it is impossible to grow closer than 9000 apart. Oak does NOT provides vision **_ History Once upon a time, thousands of years before our time, there was a huge forest on the west otsovremennogo Noxus. You say, "But to the west of Noxus nothing, how could there be a forest?". I answer: "Until Rune Wars, Runterra map looked another...". Now, thousands of years ago the woods were inhabited by wondrous beings - living trees and forest creatures. Forest area itself is three, no, four times bigger than Noxus. Landscape feast for the eyes and the sky could not be seen, because of the high crowns of trees, but despite this there was very light because of the forest residents cared about, that they could live there comfortably, so some of them are responsible for the forest coverage. Aya - one of those workers. She painstakingly fulfilled her mission with a team of 30 fireflies. Every morning she "lit the lights" on the territory allocated to it and her forest friends can get to work, all the effort applied to the forest flourished and was as beautiful, as it can be. The beauty of this "forest city" - can not be called otherwise - other fascinated and made some envy. Modern gilded street lights, cobbled streets and grandious Demacian buildings could not be compared with the beauty of magic Grenisland. Forest dwellers were able to protect themselves, everyone had to be able to destroy enemies that case, invased in the forest, among such advocates Maokay, Ivern, these and other treants able to repel the attack of several enemy armies. Aya had her own tactics. She was not one of those who attacked in the event of an invasion, her main goal was - to **protect** So Grenisland existed for thousands of years, trying to find a peaceful solution to the problems, but soon raided the trouble with which it could not cope... With the beginning of the rune wars lively city has not coped with the change of climate and the multiple disasters that have come as a consequence of war, the council of all living beings in Grenisland has taken the decision to hide the best people, of every kind, in the root system of the highest trees of living city. Aya opposed such action, after learning that she is going to be hidden: - I'm not going to hide from the problems and throw my subjects - she said, pointing her hand towards her 30 fireflies, and gathered already to leave, but fortunately for her, she stepped on Spore Mushroom, without noticing it in the dust of anger, inhaling poisonous spores, deadly for any non-inmate Grenisland she fell unconscious, fireflies wanted to fulfill their last respects to her and carried her to the tree, where she was to spend the time required to restore the former Runterra climate. Grenisland was ruined ... millennial work of tens of thousands living beings has been destroyed ... After waking up, the first thing that Aya began to make, is to look for fireflies, without them she could not conceive of her existence, to her surprise, around had nothing to cover, standing only one dead tree whose roots were protecting Aya from the cold and insect pests, but anyway Aya decided to find a small glowing friends, because they were not just a tool for the implementation of her tasks, they were best friends of forest nymph. Soon Aya found Ivern and saw, how the spirit of Maokai was hurted, when he woke up and saw that the whole Grenisland disappeared. Aya helped him not to become forever undead as Maokai was in the midst of an explosion of dark energy runes, while sleeping. Together with her new friends and new brigade of fireflies Aya went to the Institute of War, hoping to find others to wake up and to revive their forest. (The text is written with a focus on the future appearance in the League of Legends new champions, who are like from Grenisland - town-forest. I would also like to include Ivern, Maokai and Zyra from Independent to natives of Grenisland (Zyra - as a representative of the forces of evil) maybe soon on the Runterra map will be a new living forest - home to the heroes of the above). I hope you liked the story of a new hero, which deeply reveals the adventures of other characters, write in comments if you want to see a new hero like and vote for him to add to the game if you answer "no" vote - try to explain why you think that without this champion lol will be better
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