Bugsplat leads to lower prioriety queqe.

Hello, I've made a thread about this before but it just got worse. Anyways, I never leave a game in the loading screen unless it's due to a bugsplat and I have been getting those a lot lately. By a lot I mean it's gotten to the point where I get put in a lower priorety queqe for 20 minutes. At first I didn't mind, I just waited out the 5 games but right now my thought process is why should I be punished for something that is out of my control? Can you please remove the lower priorety queqe from my account. I can send bugsplat records. I've reinstalled the client and I'm constantly forced to repair it due to these bugsplats, it's a bit tilting at the moment. I don't use any third party launches nor do I use anything else apart from the official League client. Can I get some help?
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