Losing control of the champion regularly after 7-10 minutes of playing.

Hello everybody, hope you're all alright, So I have this issue, I lose control of my champion after playing for 7 to 10 minutes, there's no "attempt to reconnect" or anything that lags besides me not being able to do any action, but I can still type in chat, as soon as I have this issue I quit the game real fast and reconect, and then no such problems occurs anymore, even if i play for 50 minutes. I doubt it has something to do with my internet, because it happens every single game (i've played around 15 games), and always around the same time. I never had this issue before, but I recently upgraded most parts of my pc (motherboard, graphics card, added an SSD, new fan.) Things i've tried to fix this issue: Unplug and plug everything back (even my life support) Run league as administrator (Yes i'm meming a little bit) Tried to repair league Tried the hextech repair tool Tried uninstalling league and having a life, it bored me so I reinstalled league. Additional info: I'm conected to internet via cable (ethernet) HELP I AM ADDICTED
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