permanent bans

here is my message i just sent to the support please read it i know there are like over a 10000 fucking situation like me """ hey please i don,t believe any player in the world would read a four pages policy with like 1000000 words in it unless he is a fucking nerd? i mean what would this help me with anyway its shitt support system and shit tribunal like wtf ? i type for you a 15 line message and u answer me with 10 words that are full of shit and with no meaning ? i mean is this an answer machine ? do you even read what i type ? and by the way maybe you should go on the youtube and check the player who got a permenant ban and made a 20 min video and got over 150,000 views which is a number that u can deny and got over 1200 likes and like 500 dislikes but the likes are more and they are a real number and all he was talking about was the shitt ban he got and it was a 20 min video i mean usually i dont stand a 5 minute video on youtube but this was totally my situation and a 1200 likes is really a good number i guess and there was that comment that said exactlly "I just got banned for being toxic, permanently. Spent over 1000+ dollars lol." and like a 170 players responded with THE SAME CASE and the many players who says its a shitt tribunal have a real point and ALL of the players agree that however bad was the case or aggressive was the player he shouldnt get a permanent ban like THE 170 fcking replies were ok with a permanent chat ban BUT what is the fcking point from banning a player forever ??alot of people want to play the game there are alot of trollers bad players angry players different people with different attitude and it is completly pointless to ban someone permanently for chatting with some bad shitt the totally accepted and understandable punishment is a chatting permenant ban and after several warnings maybe after banning a player for a 100 games he will be better , but just for u to know aggressive or offensive players are not the main cauz of losing games , i play with trollers more than aggressive players AND I SWEAR I NEVER SAW a troller or bad player got even a fucking warning even after a 100 reports no shitt happens and normally a player wont be offensive unless he really cares about the game right ? i mean thats normal fucking shitt when u lose u get angry when u win are so fucking happy when u get promoted to a new fucking league u hit ur fucking head in the wall thats normal but u dont want normal players u want players who say hi i am annie hope u have a good game and then he shuts the fuckk up for 30 minutes then if he loses he says ooh too bad well better luck next time ,gg and stuff and if he wins he says ooh thats a nice team lets honor every one but i think thats just the attitude of a fcking nerd i guess so u better check the real fucking problems in the game and start banning players who really deserve it and reconsider ur fcking shitt system and shitt tribunal """"
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