Question about boosting?

So I meet some players in my last game, who were bragging massively about that their skill was better than mine. So After the game I wanted to check up their elos and saw nothing suspious, which is normal thing. There's not many people who brag about their skill in LoL when they got boosted. But I was rather bored after the game, and didn't want to play another. So I looked up all the players I was allied with and my opponents match history from over 4 years ago. I found rather intrestings things when I did this. Apparently 2 of my allies that game and 1 opponent has elo boosted in previous seasons. So I wonder, if they got elo boosted in previous seasons, are they still reportable for boosting this current season? I don't want to abuse the system or anything, but if they could still be reported, it would be fun to just punish some people for fun, just cause they got elo boosted in previous seasons. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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