Huge fps drops from 70-80 to 10?

So, let me start by off explaining that I had sold my laptop and now play on my dads which is not that bad since he barely ever uses this thing. But when playing my fps drops from 60-78 to 20 sometimes even 10 when i'm in a 5 on 5 teamfight! I've tried almost everything. I say almost because I have no clue what else i could do. - My drivers are up-to-date - Set everything to to lowest possible setting - Opened up the laptop and found no dust whatsoever, still cleaned nevertheless. - Re-installed the game which took me roughly 16 hours because I have 350kbps speed. Yeah. - Followed some reddits "solutions" which made me delete some files located within the Lol folder. - Closed all active programs during gaming Only possible reason that could be the problem (I think) is over-heating. Even though there's no dust inside, is it possible for my laptop to over-heat and actually cause those fps spikes? I have downloaded speedfan and when i'm not playing 3 or 4 out of 5 icons are green and steady. But when I play LoL 4 out of 5 have a flame icon. BUT like I said I cleaned my laptop! What else can I do to prevent over-heating? Play in the refrigirator? Please guys, any suggestion is very welcome!
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