A lot of "So sad you are not authorized" and random 'blocks' from upvoting

Hello there, fellow strangers, I recently got active on the boards again and encountered things which didn't happen to me before: * Frequently when I try to upvote Posts/Comments the Message "So sad, you are not authorized" pops up a couple of times before I can actually upvote that thing * Sometimes when I write comments, it doesn't "auto-upvote" my comment which results in a "+0" on my post. Trying to manually upvote my comment results in the boards telling me that I commented too much (I didn't comment or upvote anything in the past 5 minutes??) and am temporarily blocked for commenting. (Since when is upvoting considered as commenting?). I usually have to wait a minute or two until it works again. * It also randomly happens when I try to upvote other comments that it says that I'm temporarily blocked although I definitely didn't "spam" anything (just normally scrolling through the boards, reading, up-/downvoting, sometimes commenting) Why is this happening? After some time it gets really annoying and makes being active on the boards a real pain in the bumhole sometimes :/
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