Flamers vs Trollers/Feeders

I want too ask you why you have a report for feed? I never heard or seen a player getting banned because of feeding or troll. Why dont you have a report for trollers? You always ban the toxics but have you ever think why they become toxic? Have you ever think that? Have you ever watched the scores in games that they reported someone for toxicity? No because you never ban trollers and feeders... People in Leauge getting banned because they have trollers/feeders in their team ruinning their games have you ever think that? Have you? I need a awnser why... Why are you so bad? Why you always ban the guys that are right? Sorry for my bad english and grammar but i had to write this for you guys... I hope you do something i already have 2 accounts banned because of "Toxicity" but i never flamed them only said the truth that they was feeding hard and was trolling my promos... Think this please or just take off the choose of feed in reports its useless guys... Plus you are losing many players with this thing you doing and many from them would gave you moneys but you aint thinking that you think the bad choise...
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