Riot refuse to refund!

Riot refuses to refund me stuff that i`ve bought 11 days ago,policy says that i am able to reclaim my money since there is a 90 day option,time that you can think about it either you keep the stuff or you ask for a refund for private reasons you don`t need to have a specific reason why,but i do have a specific and strong reason that`s why i ask for refund.This entire queue system and game is %%%%ed up,not beying able to pick my main for 8 games either banned either taken away that`s just a little to much for one day i guess,that`s not even the real problem,the real problem is that this wave of really really toxic and with a negative mindset pre match in the lobby its just on a level that makes me feel sick of this entire community and game in the same time.Not ever one is like that don`t get me wrong,i`m about to leave league for people who think that can handle the game and play it in these conditions so i decided to refund all my skins and champions that i`ve bought just over a week ago,i was about to go nuts when a Riot employee told me that that`s not possible :))) i mean what are we talking about. See this picture here : What the hell you think i`m stupid or what? You can clearly see here what can and what canno`t be refunded! I have gotten Spirit Guard Udyr,Worldbreaker Nasus,1 skin of Volibear and i think i had some RP for 1 Arcade Orb.Ok everything nice until now,i refunded the Udyr skin the Voli skin and then i got the Shockblade Zed,2 champions Vel`koz and Zoe as i am main mid so i`m spamming those.This dude from Riot Valentinator tells me that i`m not able to get a refund,i mean right away after i refunded the skins of Udyr and Voli in not even 15 minutes he replyed to me instantly,now until then it passed some 28 hours since i have made the ticket for refund they didn`t even bother locking at it not to mention to reply to it.Well now all i want is apart from being sneacky with me replying to me after fkn 25+ hours right after i refunded in Riot points the skins then boguth some ohters i should still have the right to get the refund on my VISA card no matter what since there are another 75+ days until i could do it!Why aren`t you guys keeping your own laws and Faq`s as u made them,why do you have to bully people and not pay attention to the community,why do you have such a sneacky moderators who throw a look at tickets just like that not giving a damn and then when they actually do it they denny everything,they can`t help and they wont help. This is bad for you and for those who think that this will go on for years,one day this all League-Riot-Community thingy will not worth more then 1 kg of poo!
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