Crash client mostly all the time in logo screen waith for log in game

Hello, I have problem from 1 week maybe when i go at champ select and we chose our champs than when client go to logo screen to start a game my client get crazy and start saying i dont have internet and get me out from logo and reload my client and say reconnect and i get maybe 2-3 th time leave bruster for 5 matches with 20 min waithing. I have internet all the time i test my internet connection with cmd and it is good i dont have time outs idk why it is happening. 1. I reinstall the game maybe 3-8 times 2. I try to use Hextech repair tool more than 10 times last few times tell me cant repaching my client and i must reinstall the hole game :D 3. I report this but 2-3 times and no replay from support if u help me some how will be nice Regrats,Viktor
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