Ok RITO you apes, listen (Game randomly freezing, no fix found, no rito respond to houndred people)

Im so pissed off. For more then month a have single same issue. Every few games my game just randomly freeze at beginning or later, mostly beginning like in 1-2:30. Sound sometimes continue, sometimes not, but nothing work. Game just freeze, no bugsplat, nothing so i have to alt tab, run task manager, kill league and reconnect. I looked for many possible ways to fix it. Hexttech, Reinstall whole client, then whole Windows, nothing helps. Biggest problem is you are unable to get back to game cuz you are 3 levels behind. I also checked many threads about this issue and noticed so many players have this bug for ages but didnt saw at least one way to solve this. There is one year old thread, but its still actualized cuz every few days someone say "Hey, i have same issue, hey rito notice me im spending my money for your freaking game. Help me. Please. Help me." FOR GOD DAMN YEAR. And nobody from this zoo company respond to single thread or comment. Ok, so. Is there any way how to solve this? Is there anyone with same issue right now? Is there any chance there is someone in RITO support team who is not totally braindead and can visit his colleague like "Hey, maybe our game is broken, should we give it a attention"?

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