Can I be banned for being hacked?

TL;DR My main account keeps being hacked, and someone keeps trying to sell it by adding people on my account and making posts on the boards asking to sell it. My account was permanently banned on the boards ( this was undone ) because someone was posting saying the account is for sale. This has happened several times in the past year ( in the past year I have reinstalled windows 3 times ) and it wouldn't surprise me if i had to change my pass again, so my question is **can my actual league of legends aco%%%% be banned for bieng hacked?** I saw a guy post saying his account got banned for 'account sharing' when he never shared his account and it got hacked, and with my main being worth so much will all champs and over 150 skins I would not like for my account to be banned. At this point I've accepted the hacker is going to keep hacking it because he's a loser with nothing better to do and he is too stupid to get a job. I have reinstalled iwndows and I run 4 antiviruses and still it gets hacked.
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