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I just got Permanent Account Suspension. Really!!!! I understand my first "14 games suspension" I gave my account to my little brother and he was raging a lot. understandable by me, judging by age.. so yeah.. I was okay with it. Seemed fair. But.. on my last game? THAT WAS WEIRD!! This is the chat on the game (mine at least. I will put explanations for some) he will be back most likely (our mid was dc/d and our support was being a little over the edge) see :P bad fight xD it's iight he didnt lvl up zed no f awie ..... (I died here xD) dude stop spamming the pings (our Lucian was pinging a lot) all you do is flame (our Lucian was flaming) 0 wards :( (We needed vision) one is enough (Lucian was using more pings) fuck this spamming... (More pings from Lucian) 0 warding xD imma stay with top and jungle for a while report for verbal (Lucian was reeeeaaaallly!! being a dick) learn how to play sona before you pick her (I got mad at sona coz she kept missing her ulti, but still never verbally abused anyone) made 2 ganks (Lucian was mad, well.. i tried to gank more but they were pushing to their turret.. I couldn't get a chance.. plus there are other lanes who were pushed to our turrets.. tell me if Im wrong to gank them more) when you miss your ulti cancel it (gave an advice to Lucian fuck you malza (first time saying something mean, Malzahar verbaly abused me and I responded) ok :D GOOD :D no one follows you have a bad game.. i dont I wont vote yes for you (Lucian was trying to surrender and while our team was saying no, he was getting mad at me mostly...) good --" dude... why cant you stop flaming? (Talking to Lucian) just fucking play the damn game (Am I right...) sigh,,,, (He didn't stop) why is sona going alone all the time ( xD that was a funny thing.. Sona was always going in to try and q for kills, but she stopped after my question) nai re no leme xD (that was me joking with my premade) DAMN!! that taunt on my flash xD (lmao.. here freaking Rammus got his taunt me SOOO well timed.. He wasted my flash) report lucian please.. been flaming for the past 36 minutes.... (here was me getting tired of Lucian..) gets annoying no one else flames here :S ^ he means me ( at this point Lucian called me and idiot or stupid "forgot" to the enemy team after i asked for the report, and Rammus asked me who is he calling that) he wants me to go solo drake with you guys roaming all together.. :/ we told him it's pointless ( We were pretty much losing the game.. Lucian was calling me useless coz I let them take drake every time he spawns.. the team was telling him it was pointless coz they are roaming all together.. me by myself would just die with the dragon..) thanks man... for the support (Here Rammus takes my side and tells Lucian to chill... Lucian kept asking them to report me...) xD GG guys (here we lost) So tell me.. How am I to be banned for a game like this.... Just because Lucian got mad and false reported me?...... I don't understand who banns on this game.. but I think this is completely unfair... I mean really.. I'm open to criticism.. If i did something wrong then alright... I get it.. I would report me too..
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