Account suspended? After logging in after 4 years?

Well I wonder what happened: why is my account suspended? I haven't played for over 4 years... But even if it is suspended for being truthful: I will exclaim when someone plays bad and won't be held back by "nice" -- you will notice I am fair and will also say those things about myself and will equally say "good job" when someone does well, or better than previous. But besides those points: I know I did buy some riot points, and if there is a one-sided termination of service I am, by law, justified to receive a full cashback of the non used part of the service. Which includes the unspent riot points. The idea that I violate the terms and services (which is dubious, as freedom of speech cannot be limited by companies to customers in the Netherlands) does not free Riot games from the obligation to give a return on my unspent riot points.
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