Patch 8.7 has destroyed my ability to play

I'm very sorry to say Riot, but as of the latest patch 8.7 whenever i load into a game my fps periodically will drop from its normal 60 which it was permanently before this patch to 15 causing me to nearly completely pause for about 3 seconds and even making abilities and champions invisible. Whats worse is I know it's not just me but also the friend I was with; we both encountered this problem but only since the most recent patch and we have not downloaded any other program or had any other programs running at the time of playing which has made it practically impossible to play. I also know its not our PC's as we then proceeded to see if it was the same for other programs where we found our PC's were fine. I don't know if anyone aside from me and my friend have had this problem but, we would appreciate it greatly if it could be looked into as it is hindering out chance to play and access the rift at all although if it is just me and my friend we will understand if this cannot be done or at least not done immediately.
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