The game is broken riot. 5 Disconnected Players.

Hello. I have just played a game of League of Legends 5v5 Summoner's Rift (Ranked). I have to say it was a really bad experience. Me and my brother was playing together, trying to grind some LP like we always do. And suddenly my brother (Twitch) is disconnected from the game, alongside with Jax & Taliyah. The enemy had 2 DC's aswell (Ornn & Jinx). They were able to connect to the game but got disconnected about 5-10 seconds later. My brother got a message saying he had a "3rd Party Software Enabled". But guess what... HE DOESNT. And i doubt none else from my team had it either. It was quiet a close game. Not much to say other then the fact that we are really disappointed that we lost our LP from that game, when it shouldnt have happend in the first place!. It ruined our moods completely. All i (WE) ask for is that we get our LP back and that you fix the game. It's obviously ruined right now. ~~I have added a video showing what happend.~~ FEEL FREE TO GIVE YOUR THOUGHT'S ON THE MATTER. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} **_Video Doesnt work. Bad upload._**

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