Unfair ban

So, I was playing a ranked game with a friend, and right before the game went into loading screen we were having some banter in the chat. I sweared a bit to him and he to me, nothing much. I was friendly to everyone in the game, only swearing when I made a mistake cause I was mad at myself, not at others. After the game, I receive a ban cause supposedly i was reported for "unsportsmanlike behaviour". What can I do? Does anyone else think this was unfair? I will censor the curse words i said before the game in order not to get banned here as well. Keep in mind I talked once in all chat, to say gg. That's all. Chat log: Game 1 Pre-Game chiça: ban yi chiça: %%%% chiça: dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz chiça: kkk kkk kkk kkk chiça: o que nele? chiça: ni***r fu**er c**t fa***t mo*********er chiça: kai sa is kinda strong when played well chiça: and you didnt call it so id rather ban it chiça: vayne ban was unnecessary cause they always ban vayne In-Game chiça: yeah i know chiça: i wont chiça: nao chiça: foi a do jogo chiça: o jogo lagou pra mim chiça: wp chiça: %%%% chiça: sorry chiça: mb chiça: LOL chiça: wp chiça: wp chiça: %%%% chiça: %%%% chiça: foda se n tava a espera q ele me fosse ficar c o red chiça: me too chiça: tava a espera q tu tbm fosses chiça: como pingaste chiça: juro chiça: nnc joguei tao mal na jg chiça: you could still ult again chiça: how do you miss that chiça: for the love of god chiça: can we focus the same %%%%ing target chiça: ez chiça: why are you fighting chiça: she wasnt chiça: and whos alive? chiça: wp chiça: pelo menos tenho um vision score decente chiça: oui chiça: mais farm q a lux kkkkk chiça: a seguir se vireres mais 1 v top chiça: n tou p jogar mal como o crl na jg chiça: gg

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