Autofill punishes adc mains

Dear Riot/Summoners, **complete story** Last game my support was a "filler" who very clearly wasnt keen on playing as a support asking to swap lanes to finally lock in riven{{champion:92}} "support" to which one of our teammates dogded (punshing this one man hero and resulting in longer que times for the rest of us, counter productive for the autofill system isnt it?) We got into another champ select and to my "delight" i observed i was paired with this same "support", to be safe i decided upon picking tristana{{champion:18}} with a escape rather then preffered twitch{{champion:29}} pick. The "support" took gangplank{{champion:41}} . Since bankplank used to be a off-meta support i didnt complain. This player bought spellthiefs edge{{item:3303}} but rather then Q'ing the enemy laners coming in to zone me he rather used his Q to deny me my cs. And since i was playing Tristana i had setup the minions so that the E passive would finish multiple in one shot but since he kept denying me the E passive i ended up with about 10 cs in 3 waves making me do something iam not keen on doing, leaving a ongoing game {{item:3070}}{{champion:32}} **in short** Iam a adc main and i find the que autofill a very user unfriendly experience. In bottem lane you are forced to work together like in no other lane, yet since support is the most frequent filled role it happens quite often that you are paired with someone who doesn't even want to be in this lane with you which really punishes adc mains and game quality as a whole.
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