Ranked games issues...

Hello, guys! I just wanted to ask you or tell something about ranked games, about people in it. I mean, more like feeders in my team. How is it possible, I won 9 games in a row, but then I started to lose just all my games. What does it mean? Do you put me in a lobby with bad players on purpose? I mean, ofcourse it would be an advantage for you = more time from me in League of Legends means more chances I spend money in this game. Do you don't want me to get out of bronze? I know everyone says "try to carry if your team feed", but let's be serious, how could I carry if my team always feed? I can't 1v5 enemy team. Why do you matchmake me with bad players? One of my games today in solo queue - 1st adc playing adc first time, some minutes before game ends, he leaves and says that he has no time, he has to go play some gta. 2nd adc says nothing in the chat about that he isn't playing adc. How is it even possible to climg out of bronze? Do you even know how much you ruin my neves? I am literally going out of my mind. And last question, do you read report tickets or watch replays of the players who got reported? I think you don't. I don't know what to do, just ban them, warn them or something else, isn't that a support center job? If you can't do none of that stuff, please, delete my account, I don't wan't to play this game anymore, just because of %%%%%%ed and autistic teammates. Thank you for your attentio! Best Regards, Spaisix
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