Dr- Mundo rework- fanmade by Ivan Đuđar

Hello everyone. :) Sorry if i posted in wrong category or something, it is my first time here posting. When started playing lol few years ago, the first champion that I played and my favorite till this day is Dr. Mundo. Since there was a vote pool about 2 months ago for Zaun champion rework, Mundo did not win his rework so I decided to try and do rework myself. I imagined Mundo as this colossal monster that roams around dark valleys of Zaun. I got a lot of my inspiration from characters such as Jack the Ripper. The idea was to present him as some sort of mix between Hulk and Jack the ripper ( long coat, colossal body, veins, ripping clothes and of course his iconic cleaver.) "Mundo goes where he pleases". Would love to hear your feedback, and i hope riot reworks him one day. :) LINK to rework is in the description.
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