How to recover your account & keep it safe!

Hey everyone,

Every day countless League of Legends accounts get compromised. Here is a quick guide on how to recover your account if your account is one of them and how to prevent it from happening ever again.

Recovering your account

1. Secure your account!

In case you still have access to the verified E-mail address, it's essential you change your password as soon as possible to block the intruder from entering your account any further!

In case you don't have any access anymore to the verified E-mail address or you simply don't have a verified E-mail address, skip this step and proceed to step 3.

How to recover your password:

  • Click on "login" in the top right corner of the League of Legends website (the one you're on right now)
  • Click on "forgot password?"
  • Click on the region your account is in
  • Enter the account name (the name you login with) and submit
  • Click on the link provided in the E-mail that was send to the E-mail address associated with the account and follow the instructions to reset your password

2. Check your account for unwanted changes!

After you secured your account in step 1, check if anything unwanted changes took place while the account was compromised. Specificly look for:

  • Unauthorized charges with you payment information
  • Unauthorized Riot Points or League of Legends content charges
  • Other changes such as refunds, namechanges, server transfers, etc

3. Contact Player Support!

To recover your account and/or to undo unauthorized changes to your account, submit a ticket to Player Support using the following template:

REQUEST TYPE: I need help recovering my account
TICKET SUBJECT: Unrecoverable Account

Select the information you still remember (account signup/store information). This will trigger a lot of questions to pop up. Answer as much of these questions as you possibly can as they are needed to verify your account ownership.

  • Account Name (the name you log in to the LoL client with):
  • Summoner Name (the name your friends see in-game):
  • The server you play on (NA, EU-West or EU-Nordic/East):
  • Creation date of the account (Month/Year):
  • Original email address used to register the account:
  • Location you registered the account (City/State/Country):
  • Last IP address used to play League of Legends (
  • Any other people that have access to the account:
  • How you came into possession of the account:
  • List of all email addresses used on the account:
  • Internet ISP/Provider used when registering the account
  • List of locations the account has been accessed from: (City/Country)
  • List of payment methods used to purchase RP:
  • Email address linked to PayPal account:
  • Phone number used for SMS transactions:
  • Any additional PaySafe Card PIN/Transaction IDs:
  • Any other transaction ID’s received via email for this account:

In the description you can explain the situation briefly and provide a list of unauthorized changes on your account. Be as detailed as possible. If your credit card has been used to buy RP without your authorization, provide the following details as well:

  • Expiration date
  • Dates of transactions
  • Amount of purchase
  • Transaction ID, if available

After submitting your ticket, Player Support will look into your case and assist you with recovering your account. Note that without them being able to verify your account ownership, they won't be able to assist you in recovering it.

4. Secure your computer!

Did you download anything, clicked any tricky links or you just want to be 100% sure your computer is clean? Run the following scans:

Antivirus scans:

  • Full scan with your own antivirus. Use Avast if you don't have one already installed, and keep it installed!
  • Full scan with Trend Micro

Anti-maleware scans:

  • Full scan with MalewareBytes
  • Full scan with Spybot (select the free version under ‘home’ user)
  • Full scan with Ad-aware (Select the free version on the right)

Keeping your account safe

1. Choose a strong password!

A strong password ...

  • contains at least 8 characters, but idealy more than 12
  • contains a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters
  • is different from your other passwords
  • does not contain your account name, summoner name, real name, pets name, birthday date or any other easy to guess words or dates

Passwords following these guidelines don't have to be hard to remember. A great tip is using a sentence, and transforming it into a password. For example, "I love to play badminton" becomes "ILuv2PlayB@dm1nt()n".

I'm sure you'll figure something out. Just remember to stay away from the "killer1998" or "abc123" kind of passwords!

How to change your password:

  • Log into the League of Legends website (the one you're on right now)
  • Click on your summoner name in the top right corner
  • Click on "settings"
  • Go to "change password"
  • Follow the steps

2. Verify your E-mail address!

A verified E-mail address makes it impossible for anyone without access to that E-mail account to change any account settings on your account. Not having your E-mail verified will allow any intruder to verify his E-mail address on your account, meaning he'll also be able to change your password and claim the account for himself.

In case you ever do lose the account, having that verified E-mail address will also make the recovery process much easier, while not having it verified will make it a pain to ever recover the account. Of course, make sure you choose an E-mail address you will always keep having access to and keep it secured!

And if all the above didn't convince you, you also get a free IP-boost when you verified your E-mail address!

So if you didn't verify your E-mail yet, go do it now!

How to verify your E-mail address:

  • Log into the League of Legends website (the one you're on right now)
  • Click on your summoner name in the top right corner
  • Click on "settings"
  • Go to "account protection"
  • Follow the steps to verify your E-mail

3. Do not share your details with anyone!

When I say: "Don't share it with anyone", I really mean anyone. Not your best friends, not your mom and not even your cat. Not only is it against the Terms of Use to share any account details with anyone, but it's also dangerous. What if your best friend turns into your worst friend someday? Or what if he accidently shares it with someone else? Or he uses your data to test if free skin sites really work? Don't take the risk, and keep the account details for yourself.

"But if a Rioter asks for it I should give it right? Cuz they're from Rito!"

No! You don't share the account details with anyone, not even with a Rioter. Riot employees will never ask for account details!

4. Keep your Operating System & antivirus up-to-date!

Keeping your OS current ensures that critical security updates are installed to combat against nasty online critters.

How to update windows:

  • Click here to visit Microsoft’s update website to download the latest update!
How to update Mac OS:

  • Open the Apple Menu
  • Select "Software updates"
  • Download and apply the latest update to your Mac OS

Antivirus software helps you fight against viruses and other malicious third party programs (i.e. key-loggers and Trojans). Here is an example of a program that will prevent you from acquiring harmful malware:


5. Only trust official domains!

Scammers are out to look for now victims every hour of the day. They'll try to lure people, including you, into entering their account credentials or downloading malicious software by promising free stuff, like skins and RP. But unmasking them isn't that hard, if the domain they make these promises on doesn't end in one of the following, they're fake:

Official website domains:


Official E-mail domains

If even only one single character is different from the domains listed above, the domain is not official and you should not enter any account information or download anything!

Always be on alert when people promise you "to good to be true stuff"!

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