Problem with accepting match and leaving the match

So yesterday I was in queue and someone didn't accept the first match. Right after that a new match showed up and I accept it. After a while the client said that I didn't accept it, and directed me to the lobby. It happened to me before so I didn't bother but I want to know if it's a problem. Is it something that I can get punished by? Also right after that, I joined a match, select my champion and waited for the countdown. It hit zero but instead of the loading screen, a message showed up saying that I left the game and so I was directed to the lobby. So, to left the game on the champion select screen, I have to close the game. And by doing that there is no way I can be directed to the lobby. I didn't close the game, or did something unusual. I want to know how and why did that happen, and if I will get punished.

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