What is this Riot games??

So i got into a game i was Kaisa and the enemy adc was Ezreal, and at minute 3 BOOM we both got Disconnected. So it made me close the Client, ''Cuz network issue''(which is not from my side), So after like 10 minutes i reconnect and Ezreal connects at the same time i connect So thats a sign that its from riot games not me. So without any chatting we started playing.(my team was cool and didnt flame cuz they knew ezreal got DC too and its from riots side). So we played the game and WE WIN THE GAME (Score 8/8/10). AND GUESS WHAT I LOSE THE FREAKING LP -19 It says victory in my match history but i lose LP? like wtf and i even played so good to carry the game please gimme my LP back and cuz all my time is wasted https://imgur.com/alpgkno = victory in history chat https://imgur.com/OI2wqZg here is where i lost the LP
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