Suddenly in MMR Hell in normals - why did it happen and how do I get out?

Greetings, I'm someone who **really values good communication with his team**. I've been in **Silver 2** last season with a slightly higher MMR (only played ~30 rankeds). My normals MMR is a bit lower, **I mostly get matched with players around Silver 4**. I've had a **winrate around 50%** over the last few days, but for some reason my MMR dropped. When I started queuing up today, I got a premade Zilean/Rammus botlane who refused to communicate in champ select. I dodged and got **4 consecutive matches of flamers who didn't communicate** and exhibited borderline trollish behavior (arrogant 16-5 Lee spamming laugh at 200 HP in the middle of the map, only to die and blame his team). I won the first game but proceeded to lose the next three. The last one was simply a nightmare with Malzahar "support" and a Vayne who spammed ff20 from the start. Not to mention all the champ select experiences, which ranged from Katarina ADC (dodged) to an entire team not saying anything and banning Urgot/Yasuo/Blitz after I asked them nicely to ban Udyr and Xin Zhao. At this point I felt the same way as everyone who knows they just arrived in **Elo Hell**, only that it had happened to my peaceful, fun normals. Now I need your advice. This goes especially to the volunteers/Rioters that might be reading this. Can anyone explain to me how my MMR could drop so suddenly even tho I went 4-1 in the last 5 games (and have a >50% winrate overall)? Will it bounce back? Might it just be a weird coincidence? I can't handle playing games like today. Is there any way to get my MMR back to where it was yesterday without having to endure the typical procedure when trying to leave Elo Hell? Thank you in advance, {{champion:161}} a frustrated tentacle main. {{champion:420}} **P.S.: Even if you deem my thread unnecessary, I'd ask you not to downvote it. I would really like to get some advice, LoL isn't fun for me the way it is now.**
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