It's been 4 years since Kassadin's last skin (Did you know?)

Cosmic Kassadin came out 4 years ago (Nerf Mordekaiser) and since then he hasnt gotten any skin, Heck his own daughter have more skins than him (Yes im including the chromas) because Kassadins skins are just basically chromas and I just feel really bad when i use any skins other than Cosmic Reaver. I know he already had a character remodeling but in my honest opinion he looks like a 2002 (Nerf Mordekaiser) world of war craft character. His skins are so bad (excluding cosmic reaver) I had to convince my self they didnt exist and that Cosmic reaver was his base model and his base model is a "void skin" .. So please if youre gonna make wait another a couple more years for a Kassadin skin... (Nerf Mordekaiser) atleast give him a chroma, Almost all of the Cosmic/Dark star skins (Nerf Mordekaiser) have chroma. Literally all the Kassadin players only use one skin. I understand money makers like Kai'sa, Ahri and Lux are priorities (Nerf Mordekaiser) but please show us that you care about players more than money. Thank you, I hope you dont find this as a hate message I'm just simply frustrated. (This is the first time i opened this subject and each year I tell my self "For sure Kassadin is getting a skin this year, He didnt get a skin last year" ) {{summoner:4}} {{champion:38}} {{summoner:4}} {{champion:38}} {{summoner:4}} {{champion:38}}
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