i'm in a state beyond rage. i'm emotionally drained and it's all because of league.

i have had countless ways of saying this, i have deleted hundred of words and i just don't know what to say or how to say it. i have experienced countless flaws and have lost my mind countless times, i have spent money with regret everytime and i find that if anything my final demand is a refund of everything i spent and a complete removal of my account. i will probably get ignored but i just wanted to make it clear that, i only spent money on the game because i wanted to make use of what i could get but as it seems, i have got nothing in return, nothing but sadness and despair. i tried, i really did, but i come back to a broken game and i feel nothing but sadness and regret and anger. it's really hard to make a valueble and meaningful post about this, as i said, i have tried to for 1 and a half hour now but i just can't, no matter how i try i'm never happy with the outcome. again, i could say it a milion times, i just don't know what to say, this is part of the blankness i currently feel and have feelt for about 2 hours now. as it stands, i can't force myself to quit and as long as i play league, i will end up harming myself emotionally. i would feel betrayed if this got me banned without a refund, i would feel sad and depressed if i get ignored or treated as just another kid or whatever. in the end, i just want to enjoy my free time, and i think there are companies out there who develope games i can relate to. i have probably said too much and i'm probably worsing everything up but atleast i'm being honest, it just doesn't work out for me and my last request would be a complete refund of everything i spent and a permanent ban of my account as a followup. this has been really hard to say, but it's only a small portion of what i have to say. ps. incase you are wondering what kind of person i am. i am an 18 years old guy with asberger who spends all my free time playing games without friends who have found myself suicidal at times and have been in a big depression for my entire teenage life. i have a strong case of rage in mobas and that's probably more reason for me not to play them but they are addicting and it's hard to stop. and yes, i swear on my life i didn't lie a single time about who i am, hope this made things more clear and hope it turns out alright in the end.
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