New Support Champion Idea (Noxus) RIOT PLEASE SEE THIS

I WOULD LOVE IF RIOT READ THIS! I noticed that some regions in League of Legends don't have a support champion, like Void and Noxus _(I don't count Morgana as Noxus champion as it says on [THIS SITE]( So I was wondering if Riot could make a new support champion for Noxus. My idea was it would be a female, maybe kind of looking like Darius with that armor but obviously with a girlish body figure. She would be a really aggressive type of support. For a weapon she could have a [CLUB]( _(click on the link to see how it should look)_ . These here are just some prototype abilities: One ability could be knock up with the [CLUB]( in a straight line in front of her. Than another one could be some kind of charge and stunning the first enemy hit for a short duration or slow everyone she hit during dash. Another one could be _"a battle roar" (basically a fury scream)_ that gives nearby allies an attack speed bonus. And ultimate ability could be that she leaps on targeted enemy and smacking him with the [CLUB]( stunning him and splashing a blood of rage which heals all nearby allies (maybe giving more heal to Noxus champions) Now I know the abilities i described aren't the best but I would really like to see an aggressive Noxus type of support. If not Noxus then please Void support or something because I really like to play teams of 5 Freljord champions (Trundle, Sejuani, Anivia, Ashe and Braum) or 5 yordle teams. NOW I REALLY HOPE RIOT WILL SEE THIS POST and at least think about that idea. Tho I think the first ability I mentioned is quite good, Riot can change them all because I just want a support that is looking like Noxus warrior. PLEASE! _(or at least Void one)_

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