New patch - new bugs

Patch: v8.2 Server: EUW Match Details: I could nt do anything but rec it with my phone. Type of Bug: in-game Details: After I loaded new patch I came across with a problem. So, when I load to the game (after champ selection) I have the following problem: the keyboard and mouse buttons aren't working at all. I cant move screen, thought I can move my mouse, I see chat, see minimap moves and everything that happens in a game. One feature I noticed, my cursor is not a "league of legends" one, but a Windows' one. I initiated a full repair, but it didnt help. Then I removed LoL from PC and intalled it again, and it's started to work properly. The next day I had the same problem. Some one who came across with the same problem, or people who solved it, pls, I need help.
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