Can an ACTUAL Riot employee please enlighten me why is Riot replacing the current runes & masteries?

I don't want to bother the support with stuff like this. Why replace the current mastery and rune system? It works perfectly fine, and maybe not with 97% discount but with a 75% discounted it wouldn't be overpriced either. You are just ruining the game by implementing stuff that belongs in the rotating game mode not the normal game. Also why remove IP? So blue essence can't only be used in hextech crafting and so you open less chests therefore more $$$ ? Jesus, thought this company couldn't get any lower but Riot outdid themselves again and they listen to 14 year old fanboys who say "Nice change I'm so excited" at every new thing they implement, instead of listening to actual constructive criticism. Lay the downvotes on me, I know you will, but I really hope I get an actual Riot employee to answer my question of what drugs they are on.
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