Login Issues and Ranked Issues?

That feel when you wait 15 minutes for your duo, go ranked, listening to music for the first time, get one kill, get all pumped up until your screen freezes, takes 1 minute to do that annoying stuck noise, your screen shows that you've had a problem a thread that got stuck on a driver, pc reboots, takes 10 f'cking minutes to reboot completely, takes 5 minutes to finally allow me to enter my password, was level 5 at 6 minutes and game was then at 21 minutes, I try to login, I click sign in 5 times until I see that red exclamation point that says ranked queues have been disabled and that there are login issues. But then you remember... Zoe got nerfed. And then my mind soothes as I repeat these words over and over again. I love this game.

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