1 day of Clash - FAQ and Known Issues



 Update 11/06/2018: Clash has been cancelled for EUW. If you were able to lock in, you will receive your rewards. We're still looking into the problems that are affecting the EUW Server. 

Hello summoners!

Thanks for your patience so far with Clash. The launch weekend obviously didn’t go as planned.

We want to relaunch Clash, so to get the mode truly ready, we’re running a one-day test on Monday 11th June 2018 at 7pm CEST, and we need your help!

On this post we’re going to keep you updated about the things that are going on and any known issues that might happen during this relaunch.

For a reminder on how Clash works, here’s a General Overview of the Clash tournament mode. Or check the video below:

Based on questions, you may ask in this post and weren’t clear for you after reading our public information, we are going to include a F.A.Q. So, if you have any question, don’t hesitate to post it here!

What to expect during 1 day of Clash!


Before joining, make sure that you are eligible to join by doing the following: 
• Make sure that you're at least Level 30 and that you've completed your ranked placements in Flex/Solo Queue on Summoner's Rift.
• Make sure that you're in Honor level 2 or above. 
• Verify your phone number.

Important notice:
Use your highest rank account. Smurfing is not cool. You can read more about it here


Clash relaunch will run from Saturday to Monday June 9th - 11th. Here’s the itinerary:

Team creation opens on June 9th 8:00 AM CEST.
Lock in begins on June 11th 7:00 PM CEST and lasts 30 minutes.
Matches start 7:30 PM CEST.
We have granted a free ticket to all ranked players, meaning entry will be free.
(ticket will be removed if unused after test)

Known Issues

Clash has been cancelled for EUW. We’re still looking for the problems that are affecting EUW server. - 


Why can I use only one ticket during the 1 day test?

As this is a one day test, we are going to give you 1 ticket for free. This test isn't aimed to get better rewards as you will only have to play a 4-man bracket on Monday.


I'm unable to verify my phone number/ I'm not receiving the message to confirm! 

Check out our FAQ section and follow the steps from there here. Follow this steps one by one: 

1.Ensure that the proper country is selected. You don't need to add the country code manually, just select the country you're in.

2. Ensure that the phone number is entered correctly (no typos). 

3. Try to add a 0 at the beginning of your phone number (instead of xxxx xxxxxx, try 0xxxx xxxxxx).

4. Make a soft reset of your phone: close the phone, take the battery or SIM card out, put it back in and open up your phone. Then update your phone to the latest OS, turn off WiFi and try again.

If the issue still persists after that, this might be caused by your phone carrier so you'll have to reach out to them. Explain that you're having issues receiving verification texts and they'll be able to help you out.



Why the start time in the client is different than the one on the website?

The start time in the client is the local time (the timezone of your location) while the one on the website is the Central European Summer Time.

The start time is 7 PM (19:00) CEST for both EUNE and EUW.


Can I link the same phone number on multiple accounts?

You can use your phone number on only one account per region. However, you can use the same phone number to verify an account that is on a different region. For example, you can use only one phone number to link an account on EUW and one on EUNE.


I have a Leaverbuster Suspension. Can I play Clash? 

Yes, you can play Clash since you won't have to wait through the LPQ but this will not lift the punishment from your account.

Thank you so much for your patience and help in making Clash solid for its relaunch, and we look forward to seeing you on the Rift!

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