No link in hyperlink when looking through comment responses

while you are at, looking at all the people who responded to you, there are hyperlinks above the response with either the thread (parent of the comment response) in question or the parent comment in question, which the person has replied to. when you right click hyperlink, you will find that you have no option to actually copy the link, and you also cannot use ctrl + click, to open the link in a new tab. the only way to find out the actual link is by clicking on it, which the user might not want to do due to bandwidth throttling, for example, or other reasons. there must be an option to be able to get the link without clicking on it. EDIT: there is a "go to comment" hyperlink at the bottom, which DOES have a link, and leads to the actual response itself, that you can see in So "go to comment" leads to the actual comment that is shown in /myupdates, and this hyperlink works properely. but the hyperlink at the top, which leads to the parent comment or thread, which the shown comment has replied to, does NOT show a link. That one needs fixing.

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