Everything takes forever to load

The client is literally a potato right now. No matter what you do, if you want to enter a game lobby or just check your stats, the shop or your loot. This wouldn't be an issue if at least after you joined a game you were able to do smth about it, if you join a normal o ranked, you literally can't choose any champion or rune page and therefore you get thrown away from the lobby and have to wait again for requeing and if you join something like aram you get a random champion that you can't see and you can't change your mastery page at all. Yesterday i was in an aram (since i'm not gonna fck up my elo on game testing) and after i joined the lobby i couldn't see my or the others champions, i could talk to my team though, they told me i had volibear selected, but i couldn't do anything about changing the mastery and just had to play the game afterwards with ap ones. This could be the new form of the authenticating bug from before, at this point i'm not even sure which one is worse, but in this form, the game is unplayable atm

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