FPS Drops since 9.13 Still Happening in 9.14

Since patch 9.13 I've gone from an extremely steady FPS of 144 (Capped) (When uncapped this stays around 300-400). I used to be able to play on Max settings and now i can barely even play on minimum settings. The game typically starts off FINE. but the FPS slowly decreases than fps-spikes are very constant. - You can literally feel the difference and it's making the game unplayable. Especially in team-fights where FPS drops to ridiculous numbers of such as 20-60fps. I can't blame my PC as I can run games on Ultra-settings no problem yet i can't play a little animated game compared to the likes of GTA5 etc? My RIG GeForce GTX 970 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60Ghz 12GB Ram. I have recently done a fresh install of my OS so its' definitely nothing related to anything else on my PC, I've also re-installed League completely and still haven't resolved the issue. I did see a similar post and no-one has responded to it with a solution as of yet. I have changed every setting and looked at every FPS guide, I know I have everything done right, it's something with the game. Please fix ASAP, it's literally unplayable at times.
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