New Ranked Elo Calculation System

Since i'm back on Ranked games, and notice i'm not the only one losing a lot of games, going to lose also a lot of League Point, i wanna try to give some Advices about new Ranked League Point Calculation: First of all, LoL should think about implementing "Secondary Queue" for players that act negative or break the summoner code. All people have bad games, that not a reason to Flame the "InsertRandomRoleHere" cause he's not "InsertRandomAction" or doing "InsertRandomAction". So, like other Moba do, Riot should think about implement "Long Time Queue Ranked" or "Toxic Restriction Ranked" or "Ranked Restriction" that could work that way: - Long Time Queue Ranked = Did you flame any game, troll, afk, shit like this? Well, then you get TWENTY minute queue or more for entering a Ranked. When you have played enough game (10-20-30, your choise) your queue timer will be back to normal. Giving peoples a ban not always solve the problem, sometimes giving them "Long Redemption" timers solve it better. -Toxic Restriction Ranked/Anything = You can only play 3 Ranked Games x Day (10 Normal Draft and 15 Aram). Lift after XX Games. That way, i think people will stop or at least reduce his flame output if they wanna play Ranked Games/Normals or Aram. -Ranked Restriction = You can't play Ranked Anymore, first you must play XX Normals Draft / Blind and act good for lift the punishment. After that kind of restriction, let's jump on the League Ranked Calculation: Since this Season have a "Specific Role Queue" i think the Calculation on point should made with IN GAME perform and not as "You win, get this, you lose, get that" I'll make 1 Example: I Choose to go Support and Midlane. The game choose me as Support. Supports Role must focus on Warding, help your Carry get Kills, Help lanes if you can Roam, Tank, Get Assist and Try to not die a lot. If you end the game with a Win, and your score is 2 - 6 - 30, you should being gifted with a good League point, same as you get Ranked with B, A, S etc at the End of game. Calculation could be like this: + 0.01 League point x Ward Placed + 0.02 League point x Ward Removed (Red Trinket) + 0.5 League point x every Kill you get. + 0.7 League Point x Assist you get. - 0.2 League Point x every death you get. - 1 League Point x Every 1 Minute you stay AFK (Staying in Funtain even skilling count as AFK after 1m) Winning game = +X flat League Point Losing the game = -X flat League point After all calculation, the MMR could influenzate the rate of point, adding or removing % of point you get, based on MMR This way, Considering my "Score" 2 6 30, at the End of game i would recive like: 2 point x 2 kills -3 point x 6 death 21 Point x Assist + 0.30 x point of Wards (Considering i placed 30 wards) +0.20 x point red trinket (considering i removed 10 wards) No afk Resulti: 21 Point around. My MMR is positive (Since i'm in win streak so i should climb) and it's increased by 20%, plus Victory (must decide point to give) = 28 point. That cause i did a good game, helped a lot (30 assist) and got not so much death (6) and 2 kills (Yeah!) the game goes 40/50 minute long, so i got a very nice League Point. Another Example with Losing a game and Negative Score: My score: 0 9 2 Considering this score, i did a very bad game. I engaged my botlane alone when my adc pinged me to back, having no wards around and being killed by enemy jungler ambush. After this bad move, i tilted, flamed my entire team and played Horrible. ending 0 kills, 9 death and 2 assist cause someone suicide in funtain or just lucky with base turret fights. 0 point x kills -4.5 point x 9 death +1 point assist +0.05 ward placed (5 ward, too much busy flaming for spend time warding and try to win!) +0 for removing ward (pff!) - 9 point for AFK in funtain (i surrended every time i could, standing in base and refusing to play after 20m, since THIS TEAM IS NOOB FF DELETE LOL) - x point Flat cause Losing. -% point by my actual MMR (yes, MMR not only increase your % of league point, but also remove more point if you lose, expecially if you end 0 9 2 with a high MMR score, punishing you) Result: -19 point (with random lose flat (-6) calculation and favorable MMR) or -25 (with -10 for Flat lose) and Negative MMR That way punish you cause you not only lose the game, but also stayed afk and flame. Last Example: Losing a Positive Score Game: My score: 6 9 33 6 point x kills 2 point x 9 death 23 point x assists + 3 point ward placed + 1 ward removed No afk - Flat Lose Point -% MMR Ending: +22 point. Losing this game give me ANYWAY positive League point, since i played GOOD, i did a VERY GOOD Score and i don't deserve losing random 20 point cause at last 5 minutes of game, 1 of my team goes afk or we had to play with "InsertRoleHere" that had a score like 0 12 2 cause he tilted and refuse to play. Anyway all numbers are overestimated, but that my idea about a rating that give Good things too ppls that alway try them best, but have bad luck, and even playing good and doing 30 kills and 0 death they lose for some reason. Also, any role should change the way they get point: Support = more point with assist, less with kills Adc = more point for kills, a lot of point for CS (i forgot to take CS in the count cause support don't kill minions) less for assist, losing a bit more point x death (improve your position and not suicide staying front of your tank and then flaming him) Mid = Like Adc, maybe a bit more point for assist and a bit less for kills Jungler = Point for having good jungler camp, more point for drake killed, baron killed, ANYTHING that a jungler must look for (even warding or remove wards) Top = point for kills, less point lost for death (bruiser, hellow!) good point for CS All my posts are longs, i know, so for ppls that get scared: TL TR = Use Different method for give people ranked point, give benefit if you have good score and lose and give better calculation. Erian Keeper
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