Hello Riot Games. My Name is Damian Andrei Alin, and i started my League of Legends journey over 5 years ago in EuW but at the moment i am playing in EuNE. I never had problems with your game in the previous years and i spent more that 3000 Euro on this account of mine. I always tried to get better and better and i was seeing results. But this year everything is different. However i would try to play i get unqualified players for the respective elo that i am in. I suggest you not to fix the matchmaking ,but to make it right , for everyone. If league of legends matchmaking will not improve i will delete my account and i know i am just 1 person saying this but i don't really think that if I think about quitting , other guys will not. Keep in Mind, League of Legends is not a bad game. People are making it look bad. Sincerely, Damian.
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