LP gain/loss

Hi, I have been fighting with this for a while now. The thing is that I have been gaining like 15-17 lp for a win and losing like 20-23 for a defeat. That was for about last 40 games. Just to mention, I am not on any losing streak and didn't have any bigger since season started, actually I am more on a winning streak last 20 games. I first contacted Riot support they told me that system is bit different, I agreed on that, ok it's harder to climb now, but what to do. I was ok until now, until I got 8 LP for a win, for some reason!!!! 8 LP??????? ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS???? Again contacted support and I got shiit of an answer, A NONSENSE on how new system works. Interested to see if there is anybody else facing this bs?
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