Did Riot say anything about fixing the low FPS?

Lately I haven't been following things, because a few patches ago my framerate got destroyed and the game became unenjoyable. After taking a 2 weeks break, I came back to see if it has been fixed or not, and also to farm the 2 chests I've gathered up in those 2 weeks. My FPS is still horrible, huge FPS drops in fights, which makes the game frustrating and I'll probably only be playing from now to get the weekly chest until the issue gets fixed. I got a new GPU since, which helped me have a higher FPS in other games on high settings than I used to have on the lowest settings, my framerate got a massive boost in literally every game I've played except for League. I used to have a very stable FPS like 2 months ago, but one of the updates just completely ruined my FPS, and I remember many people have been posting about the issue, even with super high spec PCs. So my question is, did Riot say anything about when it'll be fixed? I kinda want to play the game, but the framerate issues completely discourage me from playing it, because it's just unenjoyable when you aren't able to make plays because you only see a frame every second in fights. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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