How i got my account banned and Riot only responded with autobots.

My account got hacked. I seeked help with riot support and after few weeks i got my account back. This was back in 8.3.2016. One month later i didn't even mange to play one game due to my absence but i recive an email from about Disciplinary Action from League of Legends! saying i'm getting banned till 2022 even thou i didn't play a single game. Probably someone who, previosly hacked my account, got pissed after i got it back and did everything he/she could to get me banned. Since i didn't even log in nor played any game i had no idea what was going on. Which should be very easy to check since i only played from my home static IP. I got no response from Riot team asking what i even did. (obviously it wasn't me, but i still wanned to know) I was very discouraged, i played LOL since alpha and how i was treated was very unprofessional. I coudn't even get any real person to explain to me what's going on. I was stuck in auto-reply bot loop. It has been some time, i was thinking of coming back to play but when i remember what has happend I'm still pissed. Don't think i want to set up a new account...

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