Laging and forced to restart client/computer

Have EUW had huge lags in the server recenty ? bec my last 3 games I just stand still and cant move in game. I have always more than 170 fps and about 30 ms. I dont play on a laptop, I do have a gamer comp....Have good internet connection but sometimes I just freze in game and the bar comes up and says : attempting to reconnect? I have to shut down the game and Not always I can get back into game .The screen just turn black and a bar says : failed to reconect.? and I have to restart my computor and well I am fucked and there is risk for getting reports bec I have been gone about 15-20 minutes. have you had this problem recently ? I have neved had this problem before and I have played on this comp for 8 months now. should I uninstall and download it again? I dont think the comp is the problem but what can I do?
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