Riot Account Name Change Feedback

well. i guess alot of people have issues with them having to change their account ID, since "someone" has that same ID. what riot misses: people who have been around since season 1 are now supposed to change. so i'm pretty sure i was the first to use that name, especially since i've never seen that name i made up myself anywhere else. i think it'd just be fair that the OLDEST account holding that account name does not have to change, instead of saying to everyone holding it, to change. or add a hashtag with some numbers to the end of the ID to allow multiple same IDs, that do not display the actual hashtag with numbers. (something like accountname#3673) just like so many other games do already.. i refuse to change that name, first of all because i owned it first, and 2nd because i'm too dumb to memorize so many different usernames and passwords!
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