How can I get my league points refunded?

Alright , I would like to have a riot employee review my match history for the past 15 games. After doing So I would like to be awarded at least 4 losses prevented , seeing that it is just ridiculous. I end up having people that flame each other and feed in every 2nd match , i report them of course but nothing changes. This is of course to do because Riot games are way worse than for example blizzard when it comes to designing a fair matchmaking system. But you cant really blame them of course , seeing how small of a company they are compared to blizzard. Either way that doesnt stop me from wanting to get what I deserve ,and gladly it is the riot employee who does the reviews choice to decide what the right choice is. Beeing an E-Sports representative at Meltdown London I will also put a report to this process as alot of our locals had already mentioned the terrible matchmaking that was introduced with dynamic queue. It is of course a system Riot has released before making sure it is fully functionable , a mistake you would expect of a company of their size. And we see the results : Very long queue times , tons of selects beeing dodged , and teams as unbalanced as never before. I am looking forward to your answers and hope that at least some of the issues above can be solved , and of course I have an understanding if it might take a bit longer to fix these issues seeing that Riot has always had a problem with unqualified Members of Staff. Either way have a nice day
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