Help me understand the Ranked system

I'm a Plat 5 player Main support and for some reason I keep getting Gold 5 even had a silver 2 team and verse a team of high gold or plat players. People say its to-do with your win lose ratio. If that's true why do we have a ranked system? If i'm plat I should be playing with Plat or high gold players, If i dont "deserve" that elo shouldn't I be demoted into the low gold? As a support there is only so much I can do, I ward, I cover carries and make plays when suitable, but when I get A jungler who feeds or a top laner that doesn't know the meaning of safe or a mid who thinks carrying is only done by getting kills and forgets to farm, the support role becomes obsolete as we get trampled by the lack of experience in my team. So does this mean for me to get out of this bad situation I have to abandon my favorite role and start trying to carry games myself by taking a carry role? Please enlighten me because its becoming infuriating playing games where you believe the players around you are at a par level, then realize that they don't even know what macro is in it's simplest form
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