Japanese voices, Rito pls. Answer us :(

Dear Riot, we all know that lots of people in EU are hyped about Japanese lol client. There are Japanese people in here, in fact I know a few (students' exchange). There are sooooo many guides and tutorials on private blogs, Youtube, Reddit and websites of professional teams, e.g. Dignitas on how to change the voice in game to Japanese. People get banned for using Wooxy for that purpose, yet I haven't seen a single Riot's comment under such tutorial saying "don't do that, you'll get banned". Why is that? Actually I came across a Rioter's guide on changing in-game voices somewhere in the past! Officially Wooxy isn't allowed afaik, yet people keep playing with custom skins visible only to them. There are TONS of videos with that and no Riot's response as well. People want to have fun playing this game. For some it means hearing their favourite anime characters in-game. I mean, what's more fun than dying as Japanese Taric? Kappa I understand that using programs might be bad, but why do you ignore the otakus and Japanese Europeans who would die to get a Japanese client? You can actually play Korean SC2 or Japanese Hearthstone in Europe as well as in other servers. If somebody doesn't want that, their HDD space won't suffer - it's getting downloaded on demand. Japanese, Korean and Chinese are getting more and more popular in the Western civilization, people learn those languages in masses. You don't want people to mess with 3rd party programs or manually change game files, believe us - we don't want either! The easiest solution to put an end to this pointless ban hype is to simply ADD other languages to the official game client. It's like about guns or drugs - it's not officially supported BUT people who really want it get it anyway. I don't get this argument about playing in mother language - none of my friends do it and we're doing great with English version! Even in the LCS there are Koreans who don't speak English and needed translations for the interviews! And the boot camps in Korea before World's? Some of the players streamed English client games in a region that doesn't officially support that afaik. I don't ask for much. I didn't get my electric toy train set or a new bike last Xmas, I don't need it anyway. On behalf of my Brothers and Sisters in Otakuism and my Japanese friends from student exchange programmes I ask you to consider adding more languages to standard client. It's just adding a few words into one or two files which takes about 2 minutes. Many people will be happy and they will no longer use banable ways to achieve that. After that, the only people left messing with the game's files would be cheaters and scripters. Nobody is getting advantage by just changing a language. Please, consider this for the reasons I stated above. With best regards, Yuki
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